Get Paid Testing Mobile Games ​

We are building a feedback platform for game Developers. If you are a mobile gamer that wants to test awesome mobile games, join us!

Features & Benefits

Gamers helping developers for a better gaming world


Make Money

Earn $5 to $10 per test.


First to the hype

Play games before they get released.


Be in the process

Help developers build awesome mobile games.


Got a Question?

The developer chooses the target audience of the test. If there are more people that fit the target audience that the developer has set, our algorithm tries to choose gamers that haven’t done many tests. Also there is an internal scoring system that reflects how valuable is the feedback that you give.

That way we try to be as fair as we can so anyone have the chance to get selected as a tester.

Once you have been selected for a test, we will let you know via email, the next steps that you should take. 

We currently support payouts only via Paypal.

Depending on the type of test that you will execute you can earn up to $5 to $10 per test.

Our mission

We level up the gaming industry one game at time.

We are building a feedback platform that helps  Game Developers build profitable games.

We are revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry. Join us!

Are you a developer looking to get feedback for your mobile game?

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