Finally! Download Octappush NOW!!

It’s been close to a year since our last post and it’s insane the amount of things that have happened. So, to keep you up-to-date:

First, we decided to launch as a “Beta” version to a very close circle of friends that could give us feedback to whatever was going on. We hit the “Publish” button of the Google Play Platform on a Saturday afternoon as the chilling breeze outside was signaling that the winter was coming! For us though, it came sooner than we would have expected. The exact following day a bunch of bugs ended our excitement about our initial beta release. So the following months were all about fixing any bugs we could find or that our users eagerly expressed about them! 😀 “Just cool guys… jeez… you know… we are on beta!”. We also got invaluable feedback on how they felt about the product, what features they wanted and how we can make it better.

And then, one Monday morning of 2017 we launched the first public release. Again, we had the same excitement as a few months ago but this time we thought better! We were ready! On our keyboards, ready to face the music. But that “music” didn’t come, at least not immediately. Just a few minor issues after a few days. The version was stable enough we were already discussing the following features to add. The next versions until now came with a lot of improvements on the UI, on the stability and with some cool new features.

To see our app “in action” you can download Octappush on the Google Play Store right now!